Deformity insole


Deformity Insole

The LongLiveLives Deformity Insole featuring a specialized silicone sole for heel pain is a game-changer for individuals dealing with foot discomfort. Precision-crafted, this insole incorporates high-quality gel pads for shoes, specifically designed to target and alleviate heel pain. Whether you’re combating flat feet or seeking extra support, this silicone sole pad provides the necessary reinforcement. Trust in LongLiveLives’ innovation and invest in your foot health with their superior Deformity Insole, prioritizing your comfort and well-being.

Benefits of Deformity Insole

  1. Ease Knee, foot and back pain
  2. Correct deformities of the knee & foot
  3. Will reduce the pain while walking
  4. Provides comfort while walking

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