Diabetic cotton socks (Black)


Control D Diabetic Cotton Socks black

The Control D Diabetic Cotton Socks in black offered by LongLiveLives are a paramount choice for individuals managing diabetes. These specialized diabetes socks are crafted with precision, providing optimal comfort and support for sensitive feet. Whether you’re looking for relief from existing discomfort or seeking preventive measures, these leg socks for swelling are a wise choice. LongLiveLives presents a range of specially designed medical socks for legs to address various leg-related concerns.


  1. Best for diabetic patients; Item Form: Socks; Usage: Diabetes socks
  2. Enhance blood circulation; Helps energize leg and calf for better movement without feeling the tightness and discomfort; Improving the air circulation and keeping your feet dry and comfortable all the time; Great for running, medical, athletic, diabetic,nurses, runners, teachers, maternity, cycling, walking, cross fit, workout, hiking, and great for long distance all day flight travel
  3. Color: Black
  4. Protects sensitive points, targeted compression and Relieves pressure; Enhance blood circulation, ensure faster restore and protect your feet better

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