Rebuilds cartilage and takes care of overall joint health

Improves the movement of joints by demonstrating anti-inflammatory, analgesic and chondroprotective properties, also gives strength to muscles, tendons, ligaments and subchondral bones so that cartilage and its base becomes strong. Jointfresh also acts as an antioxidant and also helps in formation of connective tissuewhich cushions the joints.

Expected results:
  • Provides free movement of joints./li>
  • Will reduce stiffness of joints.
  • Impoves density and quality of bones.
  • Reduces pain,swelling and inflammation without giving any side-effects’ unlike other painkillers.
  • 5. Rebuilds cartilage (1 st and 2 nd stage) as demonstrated by CDRI (Central Drug Research Institute).
  • Acts as an antioxidant and helps in formation of connective tissue which cushions the joints.

How to use: 1 sachet to be taken in 150-200ml of water, everyday in the morning before breakfast,
on empty stomach.

1 box contains 15 sachets that is 15 days dose, hence 2 box is required for 1 month supply.

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  1. Spinacea oleracea Extract (Palak)
    Pterospermin- C and 3 Other unique molecules extracted from Spinacia Oleracea, acting as Anti-Inflammatory,Chondroprotective, Cartilage Stimulant, Anti Oxidant & Anti Arthritis in Nature.
  2. Collagen Peptide
    Enzymatically hydrolysed collagen, the collagen peptide, is useful for joints and acts as analgesic, anti inflammatory. A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised trial with collagen peptides done results shows significant improvement in joints function.
  3. Glucosamine Sulphate KCL
    Glucosamine sulphate is a chemical found in the human body. It is a component of Cartilage and synovial fluid. Glucosamine also helps in the formation of this connective tissue that cushions the joints, hence supplementation of glucosamine helps in overall maintenance of cartilage and joint health.
  4. Curcumin
    Curcumin blocks inflammatory cytokines and enzymes, including cyclooxygenase-2(COX-2), and endure delay in progression of Arthritis.
  5. Rosehip Extract
    Rose hip extract contains polyphenols and anthocyanin , which ease joint inflammation and prevent joint damage.Rose hip is also having strong analgesic activity, this is rich in vitamin C, helps to act as antioxidant.
  6. Vitamin-C
    Vitamin-C is needed for collagen fibers synthesis.Collagen is important part of bone and cartilage. There is a myth that Vitamin- C can increase pain in osteoarthritis, though it is needed for collagen synthesis.
  1. Spinacea Oleracea (Spinach or palak) 1 gm
  2. Collagen peptides (8 gm)
  3. Glucosamine sulphate (1.5 gm)
  4. Curcumin (250 mg)
  5. Rosehip extract (250 mg)
  6. Vitamin-C (60 mg)
  1. Spinacea oleracea– Spinacia oleracea has chondroprotective action and is an antioxidant in arthritis.
  2. Collagen peptide
    • The study demonstrated that collagen peptide is potential therapeutic agents as nutritional supplements for the management of osteoarthritis and maintenance.
    • Oral administration of collagen hydrolysates increased the amount of proteoglycans in the epiphyses.It also reduced the morphological changes associated with osteoarthritis cartilage destruction of the knee joint.
    • Type II collagen oral tolerance; mechanism and role in collagen induced arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Efficacy of Oral Collagen in Joint Pain – Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  3. Glucosamine sulphate
    • Efficacy and tolerability of Boswellia serrata extract in treatment of osteoarthritis, found Analgesic & Anti-inflammatory.
    • Clinical trial of Boswellia serrata extract as compared to valdecoxib in osteoarthritis of knee.
  4. Vitex nirgundo (Nirgundi) – Nirgundi acts as anti-inflammatory and has analgesic effects
  1. Is it safe?
    Jointfreshpowder is 100% safe ayurvedic and plant based product. That said, do go through its ingredients list carefully, to check for any food allergies.
  2. How long will it take to see results?
    Results can vary from person to person and depends upon severity of disease. Generally, it will take 15-20 days to get initial results and the best for best result consume for 3-4 months and later continue medications with a maintainance dose.
  3. How long can I continue to have Jointfreshpowder?
    For best results 4steps needs to be consumed for 3-4 months minimum, however to maintain results 4steps can be consumed in a maintainance doses.
  4. Can anyone have Jointfreshpowder?
    The science behind the product works for anyone. Pregnant or lactating women and/or people with medical conditions or taking chronic medication should check with their doctors before consuming the product.
  5. Can I have Jointfreshpowder along with other products?
    Its perfectly safe to consume two or more longlivelives products at the same time along with other Allopathic drugs.
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