Healthy bone needs healthy bone cells called osteocytes along with collagen fiber matrix with minerals deposited. This include about 14 minerals, 8 Vitamins and amino acids which is not produced naturally in body, so we need to fulfill these requirement via diet or supplements. OPD45 provides about 12 minerals, 8 vitamins and amino acid to take comprehensive care of bone health.

Expected results:
  • OPD45 is a breakthrough supplement for everyone who wants strong bones for longer life.
  • Mineralization- A Complete Solution for Bone Mineralization ‘Save Bone’, ‘Make Bone’ and ‘Mineralize Bone’.
  • Vitamin & Minerals OPD45 provide about 12 minerals, 8 vitamins and amino acid to take comprehensive care of bone health.

How to use: 1 effervescent tablet to be added in a glass of water ,to be taken once a day after meals. For best results use for 6-7 months and then continue with a maintainance dose.

1 pack contains 1-month supply= 30 tablet

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  1. Calcium – Crystalline mineral compound, called hydroxyapatite, is formed principally from calcium & phosphorus. Essential for healthy bone development, bone maintenance, bone strength and rigidity.
  2. Phosphorus – Phosphorus is about 17% of bone, this combines with calcium to form mineral crystal that gives strength & structure to bone.
  3. Vitamin-D – Helps in absorption of calcium and phosphorus.Also helps to build bones and keep bones strong and healthy. Also block the release of parathyroid hormone. This hormone reabsorbs bone tissue, which makes bones thin and brittle. Vitamin D also play a role in muscle function and the immune system.
  4. Magnesium – Magnesium is needed for calcium absorption and stimulate calcitonin, a hormone that draws calcium from the blood and tissues back into the bones. Suppress parathyroid, another hormone that breaks down bone. Convert vitamin D into its active form for calcium absorption. Activate an enzyme required for new bone to form. Regulate transportation of calcium.
  5. Silica – Improves the collagen formation & its maturation,needed for strong flexible collagen, bones and improves rate of mineralization.
  6. Zinc -Needed to produce the matrix of collagen protein threads on Which bone forming calcium phosphorus compound is deposited.
  7. Copper – Copper aids in the formation of bone collagen and is important to healing process.
  8. Manganese – Act as a co-factor in formation of cartilage and bone collagen as well as in bone mineralization
  9. Chromium – Promotes the production of collagen and also has preserving effect on bone density.
  10. Boron – The body requires boron for proper metabolism & utilization of various bone-building factors, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin D,oestrogen & perhaps testosterone.
  11. Folic acid – Needed for detoxification of homocysteine which is by product of methionine an amino acid, the higher level of homocysteine promote osteoporosis.
  12. Potassium – Ability of certain alkalizing potassium compounds to neutralize the bone-depleting acids that are produced during everyday normal metabolic processes in bone.Potassium Selenium and Iodine.
  13. Selenium – Selenium and Iodine deficiency impair growth of bone and cartilage.
  14. Molydbenum – Molybdenum supports bone growth and ensuring a strong bone growth.
  15. Iron – Iron act as co-factor in enzymes involved in collagen bone matrix synthesis.
  16. Iodine – Selenium and Iodine deficiency impair growth of bone & cartilage.
  17. Vitamin C – Needed for formation of collagen in which minerals lay down.
  18. Vitamin K – Vit-K2 plays a central role in the metabolism of calcium, the main mineral found in your bones and teeth. Vitamin K2 activates the calcium-binding actions of two proteins matrix GLA protein and osteocalcin, which helps to build and maintain bones.
  19. Vitamin A – Vitamin A is a centre for bone growth and remodeling process involved for building new bones.
  20. L -Arginine – Supports growth of Osteoblasts where bone mass is formed.
  21. L-Proline – Important Amino acid for generating collagen which forms bone & Cartilage.
  22. L-Glutamine – Acts as protein building block, and helps strengthen bones by regulating Alkaline body pH.
  23. L-Proline – Needed for detoxification of homocysteine which is by product of methionine an amino acid, the higher level of homocysteine promote osteoporosis.

Each effervescent tablet contains (approx)

  1. Vitamin:
    1. VItamin A- 0.600 mg
    2. Vitamin D- 4mcg
    3. Vitamin K- 12mcg
    4. Vitamin-C- 40mg
    5. Niacinamide- 18mg
    6. Vitamin B6- 1.5mg
    7. Vitamin B12- 1mcg
    8. Folic acid- 100mcg
  2. Mineral:
    1. Calcium- 500mg
    2. Phosphorous- 10mg
    3. Magnesium- 5mg
    4. Potassium- 1.5mg
    5. Iodine- 150mcg
    6. Zinc- 1 mg
    7. Copper- 0.25mg
    8. Manganese- 1mg
    9. Iron- 5mg
    10. Selenium- 36mcg
    11. Chromium- 33mcg
    12. Molybdenum-35mcg
    13. Boron- 1mg
  1. Calcium
  2. Phosphorous
    • Modifying effect of calcium/magnesium intake ratio and mortality: a population-based cohort study.
  3. Magnesium – Magnesium for Bone Health
  4. 4. Chromium
    • Anabolic effects of insulin on bone suggest a role for chromium picolinate in preservation of bone density
    • Effects of Chromium(III) Picolinate on Cortisol and DHEAs Secretion in H295R Human Adrenocortical Cells
  5. Zinc
  6. Boron
    • Boron is a mineral that is found in food such as nuts and the environment. People take boron supplements as medicine.
  7. Manganese
    • Manganese is a mineral that is found in several foods including nuts, legumes, seeds, tea, whole grains, and leafy green vegetables.
  8. Potassium
  9. Copper
  10. Selenium
    • Selenium in Bone Health: Roles in Antioxidant Protection and Cell Proliferation
    • Selenium is a mineral found in the soil. Selenium naturally appears in water and some foods. While people only need a very small amount, selenium plays a key role in the metabolism.
  1. Is it safe?
    OPD45 is 100% safe nutrition supplement. That said, do go through its ingredients list carefully, to check for any food allergies.
  2. How long will it take to see results?
    Results can vary from person to person and depends upon severity of disease. Generally, it will take 3-4 months to show initial results and 6-7 month for the best results. later continue medications with a maintainance dose.
  3. How long can I continue to have OPD45?
    For best results OPD45 tablet needs to be consumed for 6-7 months minimum, however to maintain results OPD45 can be consumed in a maintainance doses.
  4. Can anyone have OPD45?
    The science behind the product works for anyone. Pregnant or lactating women and/or people with medical conditions or taking chronic medication should check with their doctors before consuming the product.
  5. Can I have OPD45 along with other products?
    Its perfectly safe to consume two or more longlivelives products at the same time along with other Allopathic drugs.
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