Nidana etiology of vatarakta(GOUT):As per international journal of ayurveda and pharma research

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Different nidana of vatarakta have been mentioned in ayurvedic texts and can be classified into following groups:

  1. aharaja nidana(causes related to dietary habits)– excessive intake of sour,saline,pungent,alkaline,unctuous,hot and uncooked food and drinks like alcohol and wine.
  2. viharaja nidana(causes related to individual  habits and environmental factors)– excessive anger,day sleep,late night sleep,frequent injury,excessive swimming,excessive sexual indulgence.
  3. mansika nidana(causes related to psychological factors)– excess anger,depression,worry,and anxiety.
  4. agantuja nidana(exogenous factors):other factors which vitiate dosha and dhatu.
  5. prakriti based nidana(miscellaneous factors)- who are delicate,obese,consuming unwholesome diet mainly affected.Overweight persons surrender the exercise schedule so, more chances of getting kaphamedasdushti are increased which further add up to etiology of this disease.

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