A Complete solution for DIABETES

Objectives of this Session

Dr. Sanjeev Agrawal

"Diabetes is like a roller coaster it has its ups and downs. but it's your choice to scream or enjoy the ride".

Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled and reversed without Anti-diabetic medicine, now your Doctor’s have also started accepting this fact.

I would like to share an article published by pubMed central, that states there are evidences that type 2 diabetes reversal is achievable by adopting bariatric surgery, lowcalorie diet, or low carbohydrate diet.


A literature search was conducted, found a total of 99 original articles pertaining information for diabetes reversal or remission.

If you are overweight or obese you may soon encounter Prediabetes or diabetes, and you may encounter chronic conditions like PCOD, Thyroid, Blood pressure, Fungal or Urinary tract infection Peripheral neuropathy, Fatty liver further you might get more complicated problems like , Brain stroke, Heart attack, Peripheral vascular disease may leads delayed wound healing, diabetic foot, Retinopathy, early cataract, Nephropathy, body imbalance, eractile dysfunction, Cardiac and digestive issue, Prostate and even cancer like illness etc.

Now this is proven that solution lies in low carbohydrate diet and lifestyle changes ,so I have designed LDCF diet, which is low carb (healthy carb)and low fat (healthy fat )diet, by following this you can make a U-turn from diabetes and related complications. To achieve Diabetes control and/or reversal in type 2 diabetes. We run courses which help patients to become non diabetic and free from complications for healthy and safe life.

On commencement of course we evaluate patients on different parameters and update them about chances of diabetes control reversal are excellent, moderate or fair based on the degree of illness and body parameter.

What is diabo reversal program Package inclusions

Consultation / Discussion

Personal consultation directly with Dr. Sanjeev Agrawal, every month included in the package, Also patient can Communicate with Dr. Agrawal for any query directly without any extra fee or consultation charges.

Dietician pre appointment

One personal Dietician allocated to guide and give consultation once every 15 days on Video/Audio call with pre appointment, You also can communicate for any queries in the package without paying any extra fee.

Videos Support

Dr. Agrawal's videos to support dietary protocol included in package.

Exercise support Videos

Exercise support Videos. Included in package.

Blood Test Guidance

Patient will be guided for blood test after every 3 months for Diabetes monitering as per requirement like CBC, ESR, FBS, Fasting insulin, HOMA IR, C-peptide, HBA1C, LFT, KFT,GTT and others, all tests will be guided. (Additional Charges)

Weekly/Monthly Diet Chart

Diet chart as per your requirement on weekly/monthly basis for 12 months.

Overweight/underweight guidance

Overweight/underweight guidance Guidance If patient is overweight/underweight he/she will get all guidance and all the charges are included in this package.

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