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Diabo Reversal Program

Diabetes is one of the most common disease in our country, at present about 8 crore patients we have in India and soon we may become world capital for diabeties. Person suffering from diabetes may also face complications like Blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, brain stroke, retinopathy, chronic kidney disease, Diabetic foot, peripheral vascular disease and neuropathy which are a big challenge to the patients as it degrades the quality of life and also drains the finance of a patient.

Diabetes can be treated by 2 ways...

Traditionally type 2 diabeties is treated by oral anti-diabetic medicine and Insulin injection, this makes diabetes a 'chronic progressive illness', followed by above life threatening complications.

Latest dietary protocol and lifestyle changes which keeps blood sugar in control and eventually leads to diabetes reversal or remission. To understand and follow dietary and lifestyle changes we offer Diabo reversal program which explains the 4 pillars of diabetes reversal.

To understand and follow dietary and lifestyle changes we offer Diabo reversal program which explains the 4 pillars of diabetes reversal.

Education or knowledge

Dietary protocol

Lifestyle changes

Nutritional supplements

Diabo reversal program offers you the following

Table of content

Section 1

1. Introducing Diabo Reversal Course (Available for free)

2. Types of Diabetes

3. Four pillars of Diabetes reversal

4. Complications related over dose of carbohydrates and its relation with diabetes

5. Scientific support for type 2 diabetes reversal or remission

6. Role of Allopathic medicine in Diabetes

7. Blood test required diagnosis, treatment and monitoring progress in diabetes reversal

8. What keeps you Diabetic for lifetime

9. The Golden Rules' for Diabetes reversal

10. How to start Diabetes reversal protocol

11. Herbs and herbal supplements for Diabetes control and reversal or remission.

Section 2

Recepies video

1. Vegetable chilla

2. Thalipeeth for Diabetes

3. Highly rich source green salad

4. Daliya vs oats | Which one is healthy?

5. Healthy cauliflower rice - Part 1

6. Healthy cauliflower rice - Part 2

7. Cabbage Omlette - the Diet Food That Can Change Your Life!

8. Cauliflower Omlette - the Diet Food That Can Change Your Life!

9. Diabetes friendly chapati (four tea spoon sugar to near zero sugar)

10. Healthy rice you will want to add to your next meal | How to make healthy rice

11. Healthy veg stir fry | for weight loss and diabetes

12. Diabetes friendly cauliflower rice

13. Diabetes में बेस्ट भजिया sugar नहीं बढ़ेगी

14. SHOCKING! इस rotiसे नहीं बढ़ेगा blood sugar

15. Diabetes safe snacking: enjoy gobi/besan bhajiya with confidence

16. Nutrient packed quinoa pulao: A Delicious wellness boost

17. Green goodness: Nourishing broccoli Delight soup

18. Fit & Fabulous: The chicken cabbage power combo

19. Soup with a kick: Tomato egg drop for a healthy Kickstart

Section 3

Study materials - Diet charts

1. Diet charts for diabetic and normal weight or underweights and three meals a day(No intermittent fasting)

2. Diabetics with obese, three times a day meal(No intermittent fasting)

3. Diabetic and obese with intermittent fasting diet chart

Dr Sanjeev Agrawal

MBBS, D,ortho

Gajra Raja medical College gwalior Expert in treatment of diabetes, arthritis, weight loss and related complications.

Dr Sanjeev Agrawal been a visionary and an inventor has coined two new terms in the field of diabetes, LDCF diet and carbsline. He has managed and reversed more than 15000 diabetic patients in last 5 years and with his wide experience has devised a diet which will surely benefit a diabetic patient and help reverse diabetes. In this course Dr Sanjeev Agrawal has encapsulated all his experience in few hours of pre-recorded videos.

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