What is Osteoarthritis?
Arthritis in medical terms means inflammation in the joints. Osteoarthritis is the most commonly known as wear and tear of joints. A joint is the state where two joints come together. At the end of these joints there is a protective tissue covering it. In medical terms it is known as cartilage. Between this cartilage there is a fluid name as Synovial fluid which helps the joints to remain straight. But with age this fluid reduces causing the joints to come closer and cartilage is affected due to this or breaks down due to constant wear and tear in the joints. Women are slightly more prone to get Osteoarthritis than men. Patients suffering from this are said to have pain at its peak when they get up in the morning. The other medical term name of osteoarthritis is degenerative joint disease, degenerative arthritis, and wear-and-tear arthritis.
Causes :-
1. Torn in the cartilage.
2. Dislocation in joints.
3. Injuries in ligaments.
4. Obesity
5. Poor posture
6. Family History / Hereditary
What are the symptoms of Osteoarthritis?
1. Unbearable Pain
2. Stiffness in muscles
3. Swelling.
4. Discomfort to touch the affected area.

Stages of osteoarthritis :-
Stage -1 :- 0 -3 years
There are some cracks around the joints
Stage -2 :- 4 - 6 years
Thickness of the synovial fluid starts decreasing.
Stage-3 :- 7 - 10 years
In this stage the entire synovial fluid gets depleted
Stage- 4 : 10 & above
In this the bones intersect each other and cartilage is destroyed so the only option is knee replacement or surgery.
how Osteoarthritis diagnosed?
Diet plays a major role in Osteoarthritis. Those suffering from Osteoarthritis are recommended to: Avoid aerated drinks, preserved and packaged foods. Avoid dry, cold and decayed food. Avoid very oily, deep fried, pungent, bitter food. Potato, peas, grams like Kabuli chana, green gram should be avoided. Freshly cooked hot food should be consumed at regular intervals. Try not to withhold natural urges such as burping, urinating, releasing gas, etc. Hot soups of lentils, pulses and meat can be taken with powders of ginger, black pepper, cumin powder and should be properly cooked.
Effectiveness of ayurveda treatment for Osteoarthritis?
The effectiveness of ayurveda treatment of osteoarthritis is not only to control the symptoms but also to prevent disease progression, minimize disability, and improve the quality of life. The Ayurvedic way for joint pain treatments is very individualised. However the approach to joint pain treatments of patients suffering from Inflammatory conditions differs significantly from that of Degenerative conditions. It is seen that chronic joint problems seem to be similar after a period of time. If inflammatory conditions last long, they lead to degeneration and degeneration over a long period of time leads to inflammation. So patients who suffer from either of these conditions for a long period of time will have a mixed combination of inflammation and degeneration which have to be taken care of.
Below are the treatments which are best form of Ayurvedic medicine for joint pains and Osteoarthritis :

Lakshadi Guggul:
It is an ayurvedic medicine for joint pain usually used to treat any diseases or disorders relating to bones and joints. It is basically a mixture of herbs like Ashwagandha, Asthisamharaka, Arjun, etc. and is considered as the best Osteoarthritis ayurvedic medicine. Its main function is to restore bone mass and reduce inflammation in the joints.

It mainly focuses on the internal and external administration of fatty products and is considered to be good for joint aches, physical weakness and vata disorders Proven ayurvedic medicine for joint pain

It is a form of steam heat technique, where the body is made to sweat from steam that consists of formulation of different ayurvedic medicine. The steam process is believed to balance the vata doshas in the body, reducing the effects of osteoarthritis and back aches.
how is ayurvedic medicines helpful in treating Osteoarthritis?
In today's world ayurveda is the best way for knee pain treatment or any kind of arthritis but in the market there are many brands who are selling their stuff just for them to make more profit. So people come under their false belief or advertisement. They normally fool people with taglines such as best supplement for arthritis pain or leading osteoarthritis ayurvedic medicine or best knees pain medicine online in the market. So now the question arises is it a proven ayurvedic medicine ? or is it really the best supplement for arthritis pain or what proof it has that is the best knees pain medicines online or the leading supplement for joint pain treatment available in the market. Plenty of the medicines online are fake stuff. They just sell medicine online without thinking about the pateint There are dozens of questions that might be going around your head. So whom to trust and whom to not ? Where can we get proven ayurvedic medicine for joint pain ? So we at Long Live Lives provide a comprehensive ayurvedic supplement for arthritis and knee pain treatment and for to rebuild cartilaginous tissue we have our product Joint-Fresh and 4steps capsules. It is a proven ayurvedic medicine for osteoarthritis and the best knees pain medicines online available in the market. Customers have given it as the best supplement for arthritis pain. You can easily buy these medicines online at our website. We believe in Ayurveda: An ancient treatment using herbs, meditation and yoga. Long Live Lives provide Osteoarthritis ayurvedic medicine tracing back to the time of Vedic Era and excel in ayurvedic supplement and medicine. Ashwagandha and Turmeric are some of the herbs we use in our ayurvedic supplements and medicines to treat Arthritis. You can purchase ayurvedic supplement and knees pain medicines online from our Long Live Lives official websites to treat your severe Arthritis joint pain. A person suffering from Osteoarthritis tends to take pain killers, joint pain or knee pain medicines for relief. The problem with such medicines is that it only provides relief for a short duration of time and may also have several side effects. What people need is a long-lasting and natural approach like Osteoarthritis ayurvedic medicine which is provided by us at Long Live Lives.

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