What is Bone Health?
Throughout your lifetime the skeleton system in the body plays a vitally important role. The main function of your bones is to be the pillar or bone support for your body's framework and protect your vital organs. Bones not only help in storing minerals like calcium, phosphorus but also supports muscles for mobility. Bones undergo a series of changes right from our birth to our dotage(old age). Bones also helps us in maintaining the essential minerals and pH balanced in the body. The bone marrow present in the body is the one that is used to produce red and white blood cells in the body. These cells provide immunity in the body to fight against viruses and bacteria which harm our body. As the body gets older the balance between the formation of bones and resorption changes and it leads to loss of bone mass density. This process results in the loss of calcium, phosphorus, boron, and other minerals essential for the body making the bones tissues lighter, less dense, and more porous. If a person both men and women lose 0.7% of bone mass per year which is the maximum bone density in the body then it is completely normal and it is considered as healthy bones. But this scenario is not the same for women after a certain age when they are in menopause this rate gradually decreases to 1% per year. If this way the bone mass gradually decreases and loses bone density then it can lead to osteoporosis. It is called degenerative bone disease which increases the rate of bone fractures in the body.
What are the tips for Bone Health?
1. Go every day for a walk or jog.
The speed at which you walk is completely dependent upon a person. It varies from one individual to another. Daily 20 to 30 minutes of walk is essential for your bone health.
2. Start doing jumping exercises and climbing stairs.
Performing the above activity will help you in increasing the speed of your walking or jogging. It helps in strengthening your bones and it is necessary for your bone health.
3. Quit Smoking
One of the major causes of low bone density in the body is smoking.
4. Avoid the consumption of alcohol in your diet.
Excessive consumption of alcohol interferes with the body’s bone metabolism leading to a decrease in absorption of calcium and vitamin-D in the body. At last, the patient feels bone pain in the joints.
5. Have oatmeal for breakfast
One bowl of oatmeal has 100 gms of calcium which is essential to maintain maximum bone density in the body.
6. Use canned seafood.
Canned shrimp, salmon, and sardines have an ample amount of protein and calcium in them which is used in developing healthy bone tissue.
7. Eat more nuts, beans, and leafy vegetables. Walnuts and almonds are considered a rich source of calcium. Daily consumption of a handful of these nuts will help in creating healthy amounts of bone tissue in the body. Also, baked beans and leafy vegetables have a natural source of calcium present in them. Eating them will help in providing bone support to your body and the person feels less bone pain. Nuts, beans, and leafy vegetables are also considered the best bone health medicine. Regular consumption of this the patient feels less bone pain.
8. Try to get vitamin-D
The early morning sunrise is the best form of vitamin-D. And it is a natural process you don’t have to take any bone health medicine or supplement for this. Try to get at least 5-10 mins of vitamin-D in the early morning.
9. Alternative of vitamin-D
Try eating fatty fish, eggs, and cereals. It is considered the best alternative to vitamin-D.
How to improve Bone Health?
Below given are a few ayurvedic medicines to improve bone health. 1. Harjor It is a proven ayurvedic medicine and it is known for bone healing properties. It is often used as an external application to treat bone fractures. According to a study, it is also considered as the best bone health ayurvedic medicine 2. Arjuna Arjuna is a native tree found in India also called Terminalia arjuna. The stem of the tree is made into a powdered form that is used to prepare a decoction. It is used to treat and prevent bone-related diseases. 3. Guggulu One of the most widely used herbs in Ayurveda. This plant resin is used to promote bone healing and maintaining the strength of the bones. Due to its effective healing properties, it is named as the finest and the top bone health ayurvedic medicine in Ayurveda
Effectiveness of ayurveda treatment for Bone Health?
Ayurveda is considered the best form of medicine available in the world. Ayurvedic medicine has no side effects and it directly impacts the root cause of the disease so it is considered the most effective treatment around the world.
how is ayurvedic medicines helpful in treating Bone Health?
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